Big thanks to Theresa Pudenz for stepping up to be the next OSB president! You will still be seeing me around once in a while I hope.

Epic turn out for the practice day last Saturday! Good times are back! There were about 25 riders out there and everyone had a blast. We are really picking up a lot of new riders by word of mouth and the SFRC crowd.

The class structure has been modified a bit to reflect the riders that have been showing up. Some of the mini classes are condensed which will allow for scooter and moped contingency money with Bridgestone approval. I also added a CW/CCW format for Supermoto and a DRZ400 class!
We have a new 2014 schedule posted.
The gates open at 10 AM Saturday and 8 AM Sunday. Not enough people turned out in 2013 to claim Bridgestone tire money. Let's turn that around! We have classes for everything with 2 wheels!

The epic SFRC turn out on the last weekend for 2013 has me really excited about future events! The $21,000 Bridgestone contingency remains in place so show up on their winning tires and claim your stake!

Don't forget to have a Snell 2005 or later helmet. BSI certification is also OK.

Remember minors need to leave me a certified copy of their birth certificate to be allowed on track. This will help me to steal their identity and pay for new bike parts :) JK it is mandatory for stupid insurance purposes!